Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Sidewalk to Nowhere

Not sure if everyone noticed it, but I guess someone decided we needed a sidewalk on Springfield Road right by the Frontier building. What the hell is wrong with these people who make these numb-skull decisions? Can somebody please tell me exactly what this sidewalk is for, and where it goes to? Who exactly is going to use the damn thing?

I know one thing for sure... we're paying for it (apparently it costs $1300). I wonder if this is part of our presidents public works stimulus package? [I think not...]

Can't we please just stop this nonsense? What's next? Building a sidewalk from Leona's office to Whiteface?

I was going to go to the meeting tonight and bring this up, but someone has to watch the kids!
Based on the E-mail I've been getting lately, I think more people read the Warbler's Blog than go to town meetings anyway!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leona Helmsley of Wilmington Strikes Again

First, the Warbler wishes to apologize for lack of posts lately. As most of us know, it's a busy time of year with graduation and proms - our kids drive us nuts sometimes don't they?

Anyway, while catching up on some of the town council meeting minutes, I came across this little gem from last week:


(Oh, by the way, I urge all residents to read all the minutes posted on the town website: http://www.townofwilmington.org/minutes.php)

Let me draw your attention to the second to last order of business,

"It was decided that building lots which are half the required size or more
cannot be refused from the pre-existing code of 1988, if it meets the set
backs and septic requirements."

Uh, excuse me.... Who was it that "decided" this? Was there a town vote on this that I
missed out on? This was apparently discussed at the "town council workshop". We all know
who is behind this, don't we? (see the title of this post). She is some piece of work isn't she?
She must have a ton of 1/2 acre properties on her sell-sheets that need unloading... and how
better to do it, than to quickly pass a "town council directive" that usurps the authority of
the Zoning Board of Appeals. Basically, it says: "to hell with you ZBA and town residents, any
lot that I have to sell that's on 1/2 acre, but less than 1 acre, is immediately allowed to be built upon."

Folks: these zoning ordinances are in the books for a reason. It was decide long ago that if your lot is on less than an acre, you can't build on it unless you go before the ZBA. But wait, Leona comes along, and voila! we can now build on undersize lots without ZBA approval. In fact, if you read the directive, it says: "It was decided that building lots which are half the required size"...
HALF THE REQUIRED SIZE. REQUIRED SIZE. If something is "required", doesn't that mean... IT'S REQUIRED? How can you circumvent something that is "required". Apparently, all Leona has to do is have her cronies on the Town Council do it for her. Very nice, isn't it?

Could this have been her motive to get on the town council - it's kind of self-serving if you ask the Warbler.

What do you think? I think all of the Warbler's followers and town residents want to know what the hell is going on here?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Water is wet, and Money is green...

We all know by now that Wilmington has about $200,000 left over from the water grant project, and they have to use it or lose it.

Some background information:

Many of the water meters that have been installed throughout Wilmington have transmitters on them... these were the meters that were installed during the big "meter push" 6 or 7 years ago.

We all remember how well the meter installations went now, don't we?
1) plumbing nightmares trying to shut water off that wasn't turned off in years (or ever)
2) the plumbers wouldn't/couldn't do the installations for the fee the town allocated
3) never got them up and running.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone on the board kept us informed of the status of the water meters? All the residences with transmitters installed and paid for are sitting unused because they are now outdated or not compatible with the newer installs (software wise). Does this constitute some sort of joke? Who is going to pay for new software updates and maintenance?

The Warbler agrees that we should all pay for water based on usage.

It would seem that hiring one or two part time meter readers might be a better system in the long run - the town would not have to pay benefits (recall that only part-time town board and town officials get benefits). Another alternative may be if The Bear gets a tase of the honey he could fit it into his very very busy schedule. (camps, house sitting, fishing licenses, etc.).

It seems we don't have anywhere else in the water that system attention, right?

In the words of our very own Supervisor, it would be our last chance to get grant monies for the water system updates unless Whiteface was added to the water district. So, if that was true, then this could be the last money we could get from the state as far as grants or low/no interest loans to fix our water system. Is this how we should spend the last money we have left?

Back to the $200,000 in surplus... During the town meetings for adding Whiteface to the water district, the Warbler remembers that "due to delays in getting various approvals", there was a substantial rise in the costs of materials and labor. The Warbler also remembers how all the updates to Rt. 86, Quaker Mt. Rd., Bonnieview and Haselton all kept getting cut. It finally reached a point where they said they could only do half of what they originally were going to do. Guess what... all of a sudden, they got everything fixed and even went further out on Haselton than they originally intended. In addition, the entire water main on Juniper Hill was replaced - and there was no town meeting discussions about that. Now, we have $200,000 left over! What the hell is going on down there on Community Center Circle? Does anyone know what they're doing down there?

What actually happens if the town doesn't spend that $200,000 ? Do we have $200,000 less to pay back (bonds, loans)? or to we just lose a $200,000 "gift" from the state?

Does anybody know?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Local Motel Owners Hurting

The Warbler feels for the local motel owners. When you ride around town and see "Vacation House Rental" signs all over the place, whats a motel owner to do? These "Vactaion Houses" are not subject to the same regulations and taxes that motels are. Why is that? If someone rents out a vacation house, they should be subject to the same regulations and taxes that motel owners are. It's just sick.

In addition, these "Vacation Rentals" can be problems for local residents as well. The city folk come up here, rent these houses, and have big shin-digs, loud music and extra traffic on local roads - not to mention parking issues.

Does the town have code enforcements to try and protect our local motels - the same motels that support and donate to many town events?

The Warbler knows that we even have a town board member who built a house for the sole purpose of a vacation rental!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Posting Responses

While shopping this past week, someone asked the Warbler how they could respond to post without creating a special account. The answer is simple: just E-Mail your response to: wilmwarbler@hotmail.com and indicate what you are responding to. The Warbler will post your response anonymously.

In addition, if you have a topic you would like the Warbler to post, please send those to the same EMail address: wilmwarbler@hotmail.com

Keep Chirping! They hear us!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Culprit Spotted!

The Warbler has been informed by a couple of faithful followers that Smokey was spotted removing the Warbler's public notices from the Post Office bulletin board! Apparently this is Smokey's way of expressing his displeasure with the Warbler's comments.

In all fairness, the Warbler believes that there are other culprits that remove the public notices as well. Just remember, the The Old Owl (formerly, The First Lady of Wilmington) isn't the only one who can see behind their head!

The Warbler will continue to post the public notices in the Post Office. Remember, the Warbler has lots of friends...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smokey's Shiny New Truck

The Warbler came across an older copy of the Wilmington newsletter that contained a blurb about the new fire truck, a brand new 2008 International Horton Rescue/Air Truck. The Warbler fell off his perch (a metaphor for a chair) when Smokey said that the new truck "was at no additional expense to the District taxpayers." The article goes on to say that Capital Reserve Funds, a short-term loan and the sale of our 2003 Ford Rescue Truck paid it for [sic]. Very nice. So, are we to believe that this short-term loan is not being paid back by tax dollars? Are we also to believe that we can trade in a 5 year old used truck, and get a brand new shiny fully-loaded truck in return? Unless ALL the money for the new truck (and the old one) came from donations, then we, the taxpayers, paid for it, or will pay for it in some way, shape or form.

I think we should know how much this loan is for, what the terms are, and how much trade-in value we got for the old truck (which, by the way, was only 5 years old!).